Angeln in Alvesta - 15 Treffer

Fishing in Åbodasjön

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Angeln A smaller lake north of Alvetsa close to the village Åboda

Fishing in Älganässjön

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Angeln Älgasässjön is located West of Hjortsberga

Fishing in Åsnen

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Angeln Welcome to Åsnen , a fishing paradise of 15,000 ha of water and with a shoreline of 740 km! Åsnen is one of the largest fishing lakes in southern Sweden. The lake has many i...

Fishing in Dansjö and Furen

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Angeln The lakes Dansjö and Furen north of Alvesta.

Fishing in Femlingen & Gryten

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Angeln ake Femlingen is located in the southeastern part of Älmhult's municipality, 2 miles east of the urban area. The lake has probably got its name because it has five protruding ar...

Fishing in Fiolen

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Angeln Fiolen is a smaller lake north of Moheda.

Fishing in Hagsvarten

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Angeln A small lake in the sout east of west Torsås. Close to Hullevik and Åsnen

Fishing in Mäxarpgölen

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Angeln Mäxarpgölen is a small lake south of Mistelås.

Fishing in Rymmen, Lyen, Hultasjön, Svartsjön, Feresjön, Flaken, Rickelsbodasjön & Osbrogöl

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Angeln The fishing area is located in the border between Jönköping and Kronoberg County and offers good and varied fishing in 10 lakes. The FVO includes the lakes Lyen, Hultasjön, Rymm...

Fishing in Salen & Husebyån

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Angeln Salen is a lake south of Alvesta and Husebyån is a small river in the south end of Salen.

Fishing in Sjöatorp and Moasjön

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Angeln Two lakes by Hjortsberga, west from Alvesta center

Fishing in Spånen

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Angeln Lake Spånen east of Alvesta.

Fishing in Stråken

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Angeln Stråken is a lake between Moheda and Aneboda north of Alvesta.

Fishing in the lakes Tjurken, Borrassjön, Olasjön and Trehörningen

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Angeln River Emån’s main stream flows through Lake Tjurken and both its in- and outlet are in the south part of the lake. Lake Tjurken is nutrient-rich and well stocked with bait fish ...


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