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Broaskog 3, 34262 Moheda (Karte anzeigen)
Homemade baked goods in the café and gifts, handcrafts and candy in the shop
Broaskogs Shop and Café

Storgatan 15, Alvesta (Karte anzeigen)
Cafés | A mix of swedish and japanese dishes and bake goods. Everything home made with love. Great location in the middle of Alvesta, close to the train station. Serves lunch Tuesdays to Sundays.
Café St Clair

Hunna Rödjegård 4, 342 53 Lönashullt (Karte anzeigen)
CK Glerup

Kyrkogatan 2, 34260 Moheda (Karte anzeigen)
Bäcker und Konditoreien | A well known bakery with its own roasting oven where they make their own bread. Perfekt fore a lunch ore coffe break.
Estvalls Bakery and patisserie

Kronobergshed, 342 63 Moheda (Karte anzeigen)
Restaurant located at Alvesta golf club
Grand Golf Alvesta

Centralgatan 2, 342 30 Alvesta 0472-448 00, 342 30 Alvesta (Karte anzeigen)
A nice restaurant near the train station in Alvesta. They serve breakfast and dinner as well as drinks in the bar.
Hotel Rådmannen

Grimslöv, 340 32 Grimslöv, 34032 Grimslöv (Karte anzeigen)
Essen und Trinken | Husebt Bruk south of Växjö is a well preserved work environment with roots from the 19th century. Welcome and walk around in gardens and have something to eat at our new café.
Huseby Bruk

Blädinge kyrka 1, 342 91 Alvesta (Karte anzeigen)
The country store is in a converted cirkus wagon with goods and products from the local farmers.
Salens Country Store

Sjöborgens gård, 34262 Moheda (Karte anzeigen)
Aktivitäten | A restaurant in the outdoors where your food is prepared in an old fashion way.
Sjöborgens Gård

Smörhöga, 34032 Grimslöv (Karte anzeigen)
Smörhöga Gårdsmagasin

Smörhöga, 34032 Grimslöv (Karte anzeigen)
Essen und Trinken |
Smörhöga Gårdsmagasin

Smörhöga, 340 32 Grimslöv (Karte anzeigen)
Smörhöga is a cozy small café with a museum and farm shop close to Huseby Bruk
Smörhöga Gårdsmagasin

Värendsgatan 7, 342 30 Alvesta (Karte anzeigen)
Restaurant and pizzeria near Alvesta trainstation

Dansjö gården 2, 342 92 Alvesta (Karte anzeigen)
Cafés | The smithy in Dansjö is a farm shop and a café.
The smithy in Dansjö

Vegby Thoragård, 342 62 Moheda (Karte anzeigen)
Thoragård's farmshop offers meat and other delicacies from the farm.
Thoragård's farmshop

Husebyvägen, 342 51 Vislanda (Karte anzeigen)
Vislanda Wärdshus a classic inns close to Vislanda railway station dating from 1867. Offers lunch, catering and accommodation.
Vislanda Wärdshus


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