Fishing in Femlingen & Gryten

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Femlinge is a bigger lake in the south west of Alvetsa. North of that lake you will find the smaler Gryten.

Here you will find pike, perch, bream, roach and eal. Fishing cards can be bought by the following: Tommys Livs, Lönashult: 0470-757112 Handelsboden, Häradsbäck: 0476-60017 Alvesta touristinformation center, 0476-55200 Anette & Jan Giselsson, Bohult: 0476-26010 Bror Andersson, Barkhult : 0476-61067 Göran Nilsson, Långhult: 0476-60194 Bengt Holmberg, Femlingehult: 0476-25027

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