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Åbodasjön's beach

Area: Alvesta  Map

Swimming areas Beach in Åboda north of Alvesta.

Agnaryd's beach

Area: Alvesta  Map

Swimming areas Swim in the lake Agnarydssjön.

Alvesta Bowling

Area: Alvesta  Map

Other The bowling saloon has four tracks in the basement of the sports adetorium

Alvesta Golf Club

Area: Alvesta  Map

Golf Alvesta Golf Club is in the centre of Småland. Just 2 miles from Växjö and 5 kilometers north of Alvesta.

antiquarian bookseller Bokpärlan

Area: Alvesta  Map

Antiques & Flea markets antiquarian Bokpärlan is a non-profit organisation who reuse books

Åsnen runt, tour around lake Åsnen

Area: Alvesta

Biking, Activities Go on a four day trip by bike around the lake Åsnen.


Area: Alvesta  Map

Biking Take a bike ride along side the old railway between Halmstad and Karlshamn


Area: Alvesta  Map

Antiques & Flea markets, Design, arts & crafts Battlearms is a shop with a big selection of medieval weapons. There are also a beautiful garden and a second hand shop with home made carpets.

Bike trail Spånenleden 12 km.

Area: Alvesta  Map

Biking, Hiking & Walking 12 km footpath through diverse landscapes on the edge of Alvesta society.

Bjurkärr nature reserv

Area: Alvesta  Map

Nationalparks/reservs Trails through beautiful beech and oak forest. Good possibilities for bird watching.

Blodberget (Bloody mountain)

Area: Alvesta  Map

Attractions, History & Culture, View points A place of legends in Alvesta municipality

Bohults bathing place

Area: Alvesta  Map

Swimming areas, Activities Swim in the lake Femlingen south of Alvesta

Dansjön beach

Area: Alvesta  Map

Swimming areas Swim in the lake Dansjön, just north of Alvesta.

Fishing in Åbodasjön

Area: Alvesta  Map

Fishing A smaller lake north of Alvetsa close to the village Åboda

Fishing in Älganässjön

Area: Alvesta  Map

Fishing Älgasässjön is located West of Hjortsberga

Fishing in Åsnen

Area: Alvesta  Map

Fishing Åsnen is a big lake area with lots of bays and islands.

Fishing in Dansjö and Furen

Area: Alvesta  Map

Fishing The lakes Dansjö and Furen are north of Alvesta.

Fishing in Femlingen & Gryten

Area: Alvesta  Map

Fishing Femlinge is a bigger lake in the south west of Alvetsa. North of that lake you will find the smaler Gryten.

Fishing in Fiolen

Area: Alvesta  Map

Fishing Fiolen is a smaller lake north of Moheda.

Fishing in Hagsvarten

Area: Alvesta  Map

Fishing A small lake in the sout east of west Torsås. Close to Hullevik and Åsnen

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